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19 inch Rack Shelves & Trays


Sliding Shelf / Trays

Sliding shelf units allow equipment to be fully withdrawn from a rack or to be made more accesible for servicing.

Complete with all fixings to mount into a 19" Rack.

The low cost version of the sliding tray (below) has a load rating of 15kg.

There are various designs available to suit different requirements. Not all designs are illustrated here and we will quote to manufacture to your specification.







19 inch rack accessory - sliding tray
The above units consist of a steel tray fitted with telescopic slides which can take a load of up to 50kg.

For VTR use the trays are punched with feet and ventilation holes to correspond to your equipment or alternatively are available plain - please check availability.











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19" Shelf Units

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Ventilated Shelves

To maximise cooling airflow we offer venilated shelves in various formats.

Standard ventilated shelf. Colour, Black.

19 inch rack accessory - vented shelf


The heavy duty unit is similar to our equipment tray (below) except they are deeper (525mm), vented and have rear supports. Supports 100kg. Colours, Light Grey.

19inch rack accesory - sliding shelf

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Equipment Tray

19inch rack accessory - equipment tray

Equipment trays are designed to mount equipment that is not capable of being directly rack mounted. Takes equipment up to 400mm depth x 400mm width. In Light Grey or Black or to order.

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Drawer Units

A fully enclosed drawer unit to fit a standard 19 inch rack in 1U, 2U or 3U sizes. Supplied with lock and key (for moderate security) on 2U and 3U versions. Specification of this unit is subject to change.

19inch rack accessory - lockable drawer

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Cupboard Unit

A fully enclosed cupboard unit in 6U or 12U versions. 12U version has a shelf half way up. Lockable door with 2 keys. Depth 350mm. Colour Light Grey or Black.

19 inch rack accessory - 12U cupboard unit

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Clarke Lane. Belgrave Industrial Estate Belgrave Road
Southampton Hampshire SO17 3AN

023 8067 1564  023 8067 6774 (Fax).

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